Published! In the High One’s Halls

We are excited to announce our first one-page RPG!  This one packs in a bit more than you might be used to with the format, such as an Excel-based Player’s Kit, online event generator, and more!

Community copies are available for those with a financial hardship.


The Mound of Scamol : A new one-page dungeon is out!

The Mound of ScamolI’m pleased to announce the release of THE MOUND OF SCAMOL! a one-page dungeon designed for use with Old School Essentials, but suitable for any OSR-style game.  It is designed with four to six beginning level characters.  The Mound is a mini-dungeon built around a tomb, which is not as still as it ought to be.  Rumors abound about who (or what) may have moved in, but either way nearby residents are giving it an extra wide-birth.

The dungeon is designed to be evocative of classic exploration modules, and is small enough and with narrative wiggle-room to drop into your campaign world with minimal adjustment.  The dungeon would also serve well as a quick one-shot for new players!  A variety of obstacles and events will give a good backdrop for learning the system.  There may even be a joke or two inside…

The download at Itch contains the dungeon, monster stats, a player’s map for your favorite virtual tabletop, a Referee’s map, and the needed documentation.

I hope you enjoy THE MOUND OF SCAMOL!